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Short history of Tenerife

Age of the Canary Islands including Tenerife, estimated at about 30 million years - so the islands are relatively young. The oldest inhabitants of the islands called the Guanches were engaged in grazing animals, the role and practice of hunting. Apparently people were tall, well built, had long blond hair and bright blue eyes.
The most popular theory is that the highest peaks on the islands are the remains of a mysterious, sought by many of the lost city of Atlantis.
Even before the arrival of the Spaniards on the island of Tenerife was divided into nine regional kingdoms, whose names are used up to now Abona, Adeje, Anaga, Daut, Icod, Guimar, Tacoronte, Taoro and Tegueste.
After the conquest of the islands by the Spanish in 1402, Tenerife has an established reputation as a very important trade center due to its location among continental. The islands were also frequented by slave-traders who bought Guanches. Within 100 years the original language Guanches disappeared completely, and other residents became amalgamated with the invaders in marriages, adopted Christianity and takes on Spanish names.
Until 1723 the capital of Tenerife, La Laguna was founded by Alonso Fernandez de Lugo, located in the interior of the island, having a good farm and remained at a safe distance from the marauding pirates in the region.
In 1821 Santa Cruz de Tenerife is a province of the Spanish capital and publicly announced. And so began a new chapter in the history of the island. Under the management of the Spanish island has become one of the largest commercial links between Europe, Africa and America. Also became a place frequented by sailing in the nearby waters of pirates who want to snatch something from the newly found wealth.
At the beginning of 1960 Franco decided to create the islands a paradise for tourists and I must admit that it has done much to achieve it. Slowly the island began to come more and more tourists, particularly the wealthy Britishers.
At that time, tourism was concentrated mainly in the northern part of the island in the area between Puerto de la Cruz and the capital Santa Cruz. Both of these cities then boasted a handful of grand hotels of the most popular Taoro in Puerto de la Cruz at the helm.
Tenerife already was very famous because of its mild climate, where the temperature difference between the warmest and coldest months is about 6 degrees C. Tenerife is divided into two mountains colder northern climates and hot south, where almost no rain at all, and the temperature throughout the year by literally hover around 25 degrees C. You can not wonder that with every moment the amount of incoming tourists has been growing at a rapid pace. In most of whom were tourists from Europe who come here on holiday as well as on weekends and holidays.
Over time tourists began to move slowly to the south of the island, which resulted in the rapid development of this part of the island. Los Christianos, from a small fishing village was transformed into a bustling tourist resort giant and Las Americas transformed the barren, dry land in the largest tourist resort in the region.
Today in Las Americas is the largest cluster of hotels and tourist resorts which are visited annually by about 10 million. tourists from all over the world.


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